ResponSave is multiple-innovations led business start-up. The founder has a portfolio of patented and patent-pending innovations ready for commercialisation, licensing and further R&D.


ResponSave is in new-age Innovation led enterprises focused on contributing solutions for some of the most pressing problems in the world: Environment and Economic Hardship.

Core Values & Beliefs

Responsibility and Savings must go together. In other words, consumer offerings that call for Responsibility should also make economic sense, for large-scale mainstream adoption. Otherwise, consumer acceptance esp. in developing countries might be slower than desired. 

ResponSave’s businesses will be driven by new values focused on aligning public good and private gain. ResonSave business model is designed to complement important roles played by existing organisations in the Government, Civil Society and the Industry.

Another core belief is that new technological solutions including IT based can completely change existing problem-solution paradigms of some of the biggest social problems.

We have adopted global-social-entrepreneurship as organization principle. We believe doing full-time good work is enriching, even before retirement!